Adding items to your monthly club shipment

Club add-on orders are orders which you, as a member of the Thread of the Month Club, Superior University, or Block of the Month, can add to your monthly recurring shipment so that all items ship together as a single shipment. This is one of the many benefits of belonging to the best club(s) around, you may add additional items to your order without incurring extra shipping charges (for contiguous US addresses). See our Club FAQ here.

To add the items in your cart to your monthly club shipment, make sure you are logged in to your account and click the orange Checkout button at the bottom of the cart page.

checkout button

The next page will be a club add-on order confirmation page. This page will confirm the products, shipping address, and club it will add the items to. Confirm your order by clicking the orange Yes button. If you want to order the items now and have them shipped promptly, click the blue button and an order independent of your monthly club will be created.

club checkout

You may add as many items through multiple club add-on orders to be combined with your monthly club shipment. Once a club add-on order is submitted, the order cannot be edited. If you wish to have more control over which items are to be added to your club add-on orders, please utilize our wishlist.

Using the Wishlist for Club add-on orders

Several customers have told us that they like to add many products to their Club add-on order queue during the month and then remove the items they don't want to purchase before their club ships out. This is possible to do with our Wishlist.


Instead of treating your cart as the holding queue for your Club add-on order, use the Wishlist. When you are logged in to your account on our website, you can add any product to your wishlist.

To add a product to the wishlist, click on the product image or text (the area highlighted in the red box in the image below) to view the full product description.

view full description

Once you are viewing the full product description, you will see a gray Add to Wishlist button. When you click the Add to Wishlist button, it will move that product directly to your wishlist. Be aware that when Fabric items are moved to the wishlist, it does not ensure that you will be able to purchase it when you submit your club add-on order. Fabric tends to sell fast as inventory is limited. If there are Fabrics that you would like add to your club order, please skip adding to your wishlist step and complete a club add-on order instead.

Add to wishlist

Once you have decided on the products that you want to add to your club, simply add them from the Wishlist to the cart and click on the orange checkout button to submit your club add-on order.

checkout button

You will be taken to a screen which displays two options. Add these items to your club order or checkout now. If you add these items to your club order, the sales prices are locked in and the Fabric items are stored, ensuring that you will receive them with your Club order. You are NOT charged at the time you submit a Club add-on order. You are only charged when we are in the process of packaging and shipping out your monthly club order.

club checkout

Submitted club orders can't be changed. You won't be able to remove individual items from a club add-on order. This is why we recommend utilizing the Wishlist if you're not completely sure you want to purchase the items.

If you would like to place a regular order, click on the blue, No, I want to checkout now button and you will be taken through the standard checkout process.

If you have questions, please e-mail us or call our toll free number 1-855-415-7122.