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Create Conductive Gloves | Make Smart Phone/Tablet-friendly Gloves!

Posted: 1 October 2012 at 9:16 p.m.

Creating Smart Phone/Tablet-friendly Gloves with Superior Conductive Thread

Superior Conductive Thread is so neat! Superior Conductive Thread bridges the gap between glove and skin and allows electric current to flow through its fibers.

Smart phones and tablet computers have revolutionized the gadget industry.  Convenience for emails, browsing the web, online shopping, is literally at our fingertips. However, there is a common inconvenience that comes with the smart phone and tablet industry when matched with cold weather.  We can't navigate through the touchscreen with our gloves on.  Having to remove our gloves each time to access an app or to take a phone call becomes a big hassle during the cold months.

The smart phones and tablets of today no longer operate with pressure-sensitive touchscreens.  Today's touchscreen technology works from electric current.  Our bodies carry electric current very well. Fibers such as cotton, wool, polyester, rayon, leather, etc. don't conduct electricity very well.  When our fingers meet the touchscreen on our phones/tablets, it completes the circuit necessary for the screen to react and function as we intend it to but when we are wearing gloves, the electric current does not get passed through the glove to the touchscreen.  

Here are the simple steps to creating Smart Phone & Tablet Gloves.

Step 1. Get a pair of gloves that you often wear and would like to stitch some conductive thread into the fingertips, hand sewing needle, thimble (optional), and a bobbin of Superior Conductive Thread.

Step 2. Take 18" of Superior Conductive Thread, thread through the eye of a hand-sewing needle with, equal amounts on both sides and tie a knot in the end. (Doubled up, you will have 9" of thread from the needle's eye)

Step 3. Put your glove on.

Step 4. Stitch Superior Conductive Thread into the fingertips of the index finger and thumb. Please be careful not to prick your finger! (These two digits are the main digits used for phones. Please stitch the Conductive Thread on all fingers if you expect to use your tablet's touch-screen keyboard.) 

Conductive Gloves Diagram Conductive Gloves Diagram Two

Step 5. The goal to achieve when stitching is to make sure that the conductive thread is touching your skin and touching the screen at the same time. For each section of stitch on the outside of the glove, stitch an equal length on the inside.  This does not require many stitches, 4-5 sections will do the trick. (See above image for suggested stitch pattern)

Conductive Gloves Step 1 Conductive Gloves Step 2 Conductive Glove Step 3

Step 6 - Remove the glove and tie off the thread end.  Snip off the tails and you're all done! 

Superior Conductive Thread

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  • 1. maryelebario (11 October 2012 at 10:27 a.m.)

    this is anawesome idea! thank you

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