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Hugo's Amazing Tape & The 1,000 Ways to Use it.

Posted: 1 February 2012 at 2:39 p.m.

 Hugo's Amazing Tape by Superior Threads

 We have found many great uses for Hugo's Amazing Tape.  Our most common thread-related use is to wrap a piece of Hugo's Tape around a spool or cone to keep the thread in tact.  Because this special tape does not have a sticky adhesive side, you are able to reuse the same piece of tape again and again.  Anita Zobens, The Superior Educator for Canada took this picture of MonoPoly and sent it to us.

You can catch Mother Superior wrapping a piece of the tape around a spool of Razzle Dazzle in our latest educational video.



Here are a few uses for Hugo's Amazing Tape which we've received from our customers.

  • I have been using Hugo's Amazing Tape for years! I put strips of it on the bottom of my acrylic rulers to keep them from slipping. Much better than the sandpaper dots or rubber ones.  You can still see clearly though the acrylic ruler and the tape.  The tape can be removed and reused. 

  • I use Hugo's Amazing Tape to keep my pantographs rolled neatly so they stay nice and flat and do not get crunched.  It keeps the corners from curling outwards and they are just like new when I use them the next time. 

  • I have a suggestion for the longarmers who use pantographs.  Rather than put rubber bands or paper clips around your pantos, I use Hugo’s Tape . Now they lie flatter and I can see through it also. I love this tape.

  • Shortly after purchasing my cutting table, I pushed it to one side in my sewing room and broke the table leg.  Not wanting to tell my husband what I had done, I used Hugo's Amazing Tape and actually fixed the table leg.  This was several years ago and it is still holding strong---no wobbling.   Have also used this tape to hold my supply cases shut when traveling to and from classes.

What other uses have you found for Hugo's Amazing Tape?

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  • 2. Dene (01 February 2012 at 5:54 p.m.)

    I've used it to hang kid's drawings on the fridge!
  • 1. Cindy Sharp (01 February 2012 at 3:37 p.m.)

    I've used it to wrap up electric cords.

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