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The Truth about Cotton pt. 2

Posted: 30 July 2012 at 6 a.m.

Cotton Truths pt. 2

A Cotton Boll

Egypt ranks number 15 among cotton-producing countries and produces only .0005% of the total amount. That is one-twentieth of one percent.  If Egypt is such a tiny dot on the cotton growing map, why is Egyptian cotton so prevalent?  Why is there so much Egyptian cotton clothing, bed sheets, towels, and thread? 
The truth is, there isn’t.  The label may say Egyptian Cotton but the contents are not. Whether it is due to false advertising, misunderstanding, or ignorance on the part of seller, the fact remains that it is incorrect.  There is not enough Egyptian cotton in existence to produce all the products labeled as Egyptian Cotton.  It would be safe to say that there is 10,000 times more Egyptian cotton sold than grown.

Does it really matter?  Those who know cotton quality obviously understand that it does matter.  Otherwise, many companies would not be falsely claiming that their cotton is 'Egyptian Cotton' when in fact, it is not.  There is something about the climate, soil, water, and minerals in Egypt that is ideal to grow the highest grade cotton.  It is not possible to tell the origin of cotton fibers by examining them.  But your machine will know the difference.  A high grade cotton with advanced processing will be clean, smooth, and consistent.   

What about Superior’s MasterPiece and King Tut cotton thread?  As far as I can tell, we are the only thread company that can honestly say this: 100% extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton.  We buy cotton from Egypt, transport it by boat to Japan for spinning, twisting, finishing, mercerizing, dyeing, and winding, and then ship it to the U.S.  And it is guaranteed to work in your machine.

Now you know the absolute Cotton truth!

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