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Fusible Appliqué with Charlotte's Fusible Web pt. 2

Posted: 10 August 2012 at 6 a.m.

Fusible Thread for Appliqué pt. 2

(Continued from Yesterday's Blog post)

That's what you get when you appliqué using Charlotte's Fusible Web. 

We don't recommend Nylon thread for quilting-related applications. (Our Bonded Nylon thread is a great choice for Upholstery since it is made from Nylon 6,6).  Standard Nylon thread has a lower melting point than polyester, has a tendency to turn yellow over time as well as become very brittle.  There's not really a spot for Nylon threads in the quilting industry unless you specifically want your thread to melt, which is precisely what Charlotte's Fusible Web is designed and used for.

Here is a wonderful technique using Charlotte's Fusible Web, a melting/fusible thread.

The project: Appliqué fabric A to fabric B.
1.  Cut out fabric A to the desired shape.
2.  Stitch around the single layer of fabric A using Charlotte's Fusible Web thread in the bobbin and a smooth polyester thread on top.  We recommend MonoPoly (the dark smoke color is easier to see) or So Fine or Bottom Line as the top thread.
3.  Place fabric A on fabric B and iron using medium heat.  The bobbin thread, Charlotte's Fusible Web, is now sandwiched between the two layers.  Ironing will melt the nylon thread and fuse fabric A and fabric B together.
4.  Because the top thread is polyester, it will not melt and can be easily removed by pulling on it.
5.  Stitch around the outer edge in any desired stitch to finish the appliqué.
You now have a nicely appliquéd project without the stiff inner layer!

Heather (Mother Superior) and Annie (Superior Educator) demonstrate appliqué techniques using fusible thread instead of the standard fusible webbing in these easy-to-follow videos.

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  • 2. Patricia L Walters (12 August 2012 at 3:20 a.m.)

    thanks much. I'll give this a try.
  • 1. Kym Snelson (10 August 2012 at 1:19 p.m.)

    Works great. I would draw appliques then stitch inside of line then cut around my drawn line.. Makes perfect shapes to iron on.

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