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WOW Wednesday!

Posted: 30 April 2014 at 6 a.m.

thread painting

We love receiving Words of Wisdom (WOW) from our customers on how they make their quilting and sewing more fun, beautiful, creative, easy, and fantastic!

Here are a few ideas we’ve heard recently from our fabulous friends!

Lorraine P - Use wadding (batting) between the top fabric of your choice and texture magic. The result is amazing. You can also use embroidery line stitches that are on your machine and do evenly spaced cross hatching for some lovely quilted effects.

Ed B - Another use for Glitter:  thread Glitter along with King Tut through the same needle on a longarm machine (make sure Glitter runs off of a separate horizontal spool pin) and you'll be amazed at the result. The Glitter makes the color of the King Tut sparkle. The Glitter benefits from the strength of the King Tut, therefore you will not have any breaking problems. No tension adjustments are needed.

Marcia D - Put a slit/notch at the bottom of the cones like there are on thread spools. This will allow the thread end to be secured and not let the thread unwind when stored. (Note- Some of our cones have this feature!)

Gina M - Razzle Dazzle is great for bobbin work in Machine Embroidery.

Pauline T - I take the labels from the spool of my King Tut and have started a library of sorts. I put a sizable sample of the variegated threads with the label on a note card. Noting what projects I used them on in the past also helps. I like auditioning the threads on a project and if I have to order more I have the info handy.

Margaret M - Once I have created a bobbin of the thread I am using, I have been putting spool and bobbin into a small plastic bag to keep them together. I use so many different spools; it makes it easiest to find the bobbin that is already made.

Rita K - Your Superior Thread Holder is a great tool. Another use I have found for it is that after preparing the binding for a new quilt, I wind it around my fingers and slip it over the Thread Holder. Then it spools off as I stitch it onto the quilt instead of falling on the floor!

Gina M - Using Texture Magic: sandwich Texture Magic between 2 layers of organza. Stitch out LEAF designs with redwork or applique for outline and veins. After steaming they are very realistic of puckered autumn leaves!

We would love to feature and share your WOW ideas.  Please send us your tips and tricks to so we may share your wisdom with others.

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