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Marvelous MonoPoly

Posted: 2 May 2014 at 6 a.m.

MonoPoly Sizes clear

MonoPoly is our magnificent, polyester monofilament invisible thread.  This fine, clear thread is perfect ­­for adding texture to your design, couching decorative threads, quilting redwork quilts, stitch-in-the-ditch, applique, and more.  Its reduced-sheen appearance makes it an excellent choice for melting your stitches into the fabric.

Have you been hesitant to use monofilament thread before? Worry no more! We have a few tips on making MonoPoly run successfully in your machine.

  • Lower that tension!  We recommend lowering your top tension all the way down to one (for home machines).  It’s always easier to start with a low tension and slowly increase it until your stitches are balanced.
  • Use the right size needle.  We recommend our Topstitch #70/10 needle for home machines and a 3.0 needle for Longarm machines.
  • Thread delivery is key.  If you are using a spool, make sure the thread comes straight off the side, not over the top.  When the thread is pulled over the top of the spool, it adds extra twist to the thread, which may cause breakage. If you are using a cone, make sure the thread is coming off the top.  If the thread is being pulled off from the side, you will experience extra drag and tension, which may lead to breakage.
  • If you are using a cone, we recommend using a Handy Net, which will prevent the thread from slipping down the cone and pooling at the bottom.
  • If you choose to use MonoPoly in the bobbin, we recommend winding your bobbin slowly, striving for even tension.  Please fill the bobbin only half full, as this strong thread can become too tight and bend the core of a full-wound bobbin.  We currently offer MonoPoly prewounds in size Class 15 (A-style).
  • MonoPoly is a slick thread and some find if they use it as a top and bobbin thread, they do not get a good stitch.  We recommend using Bottom Line with MonoPoly. This will still give you the invisible look you want, with improved stitch quality.

Following these tips will help ensure your stitching success.  What have you used MonoPoly to create?

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  • 2. Celeste @ Superior Threads (05 May 2014 at 11:05 a.m.)

    Thank you for using our MonoPoly for your applique! The most important aspect of having MonoPoly work with the automatic threader is using the correct needle size. We recommend using a Topstitch 70/10 needle. Another option which may help with the threading would be to thread another thread along with MonoPoly, such as So Fine! #50. The automatic threader should have no problem picking them both up.
  • 1. Judy Gaffny (03 May 2014 at 11:15 a.m.)

    I have a Baby Lock Ellisimo which is a self threading machine. I bought this Momopoly thread, the top stitch needle and Boottom Line bobvin thread as I am appliquing a home dec design and I wanted an almost invisible look. The Momopoly will not thread with my self threading machine! I have tried a 1000 times. And no luck! Please help me with a tip or something?!

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