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WOW Wednesday!

Posted: 25 June 2014 at 6 a.m.

King Tut is Pretty!

We love hearing Words of Wisdom (WOW) from our customers on how they make their quilting and sewing more fun, beautiful, creative, easy, and fantastic!

Here are just a few ideas we’ve heard recently from our fabulous friends!

Victoria V - Crochet with thread: I crochet; and my quilting friends have been trying to interest me in quilting (don't know how to sew). They introduced me to the St.George Quilt show a few years back. There I saw a spool of your Razzle Dazzle Thread - and it dazzled me. So I purchased a spool of it for an experiment. Now I crochet with Razzle Dazzle. It makes the most lovely, delicate and colorful crocheted items. You can also hold it along with another yarn or thread as an accent.

Lynn S - I am cheap and could not seem to find thread boxes that fit all my cones and spools. I saved plastic strawberry containers and put my thread in them. Now I have stackable see through storage for my threads. And, an added bonus is that all sizes of the same color easily fit in the container.

Kim R - When I change my needle I place a small post-it-note 'flag' on the needle case so I know what size needle is in my machine at that time. If I have only used a needle for a very short time and want to reuse it, I mark the slot in the needle case with a Sharpe so I can place that needle back for a second use.

Marlene M - I found a nifty use for the end caps that come with your awesome thread stand - they fit perfectly on the horizontal spool holder on my Babylock Tiara. I put one on before the spool and it keeps the spool from getting too tight to the end and lets the spool spin smoothly. The other end cap goes on the end of the spool holder to keep the spool from spinning off. Not sure if this will work on longarm machines but it sure made my quilting with a spool a lot smoother. I was using a spool of Art Studio thread and it is gorgeous!! Thank you Superior Threads for such awesome products.

Wendy W. - My scissors always seem to get knocked off my sewing table by fabric getting in the way or reaching for spools of thread and hitting them, consequently them ending up on the floor. I've noticed that the tips of my scissors are getting dull. To avoid this mishap, a friend of mine told me to purchase one of those around-the-neck eye glass holders....the ones that have the rubber grippies (loops) at each end that tighten. I put one rubber loop through the finger part of the scissors and then hook the other rubber loop on my sewing machine on the bobbin winder. Now if my scissors fall off the table, they just end up dangling in the air. It works like a charm.

What Words of Wisdom have you’ve discovered?

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