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5 Easy ways to tell if you’re using a high-quality cotton thread (part 2 of 2)

Posted: 1 July 2014 at 6 a.m.

Quality of Egyptian Cotton

We continue with our 5 easy ways to tell if you are using a high-quality cotton thread.

3.  Cotton Staple Length

  • Cotton thread strength and quality is often measured by the length of the staple.  Staples are the individual fibers from a cotton boll (the white cotton fluff produced from the cotton plant).  King Tut and MasterPiece are certified extra-long staple cotton threads.  High quality and superb performance are directly related to the extra-long staples which make smooth, strong, and extremely low-lint thread.

4.  Break test

  • If you’ve been holding onto Grandma’s cotton threads for 20 years and are wondering if they will be reliable to use in your next project, try breaking the thread. Unwind a 2-3 foot section and grasp firmly in each hand. Start moving your hands in opposite directions, putting tension on the thread. If it snaps clean, (you will hear a ‘snap’ when the thread breaks) the thread is good.  If it frays or starts to pull apart without a clean break, you won’t want to use Grandma’s thread collection in your machine.

5.  Labels

  • Labels tell a lot, but they don’t tell all and are sometimes not accurate. Most labels will not state if the thread is coated, gassed, or the number of twists.  This is usually too much information to put on the label so it is kept off, leaving room for the most important traits of the thread. Unfortunately, Egyptian cotton does not always mean Egyptian-grown cotton. We’ve seen thread that has been labeled as ‘Egyptian cotton. Made in India’ Well… It’s not Egyptian cotton then! Trusting the thread company you’re purchasing your goods from is the best litmus test in knowing whether or not your thread is high quality.

Choosing the best cotton thread for your project ensures your beautiful creation can withstand the test of time, many washing cycles, and loving memories.  Check out more of our great cotton education articles on our website.

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  • 1. Irena (01 July 2014 at 8:04 a.m.)

    Just used your king tut. Beautiful thread though mighty expensive. Here in Australia. .

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