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New Year Resolutions

Posted: 7 January 2015 at 6 a.m.


It is a new year and a time for reflection and renewal. I don't make definite New Year's resolutions as I have discovered I set myself up for failure and I am trying to be less self-destructive. But IF I were to make New Year's Resolutions they would be . . .

1.   Could you imagine if I resolved to finish one project before I could start another? I have just organized and put those in totes, and to me they are "done." Some are just fabric and the right tool and that great pattern but, hey, they are "done" in my mind and they are in a tote. If I never organized them I would never get to my stash which is resolution #2 . . .

2.   I will use fabric from my stash in my next project. But not if it isn't the correct amount or shade of color or so pretty sitting on a shelf or in a tote that I'd have to go through or I really was saving that piece for an upcoming class (which one was that I wonder?) Which is #3 . . .

3.   No more classes until I finish the project from the last class. I will miss my favorite teacher and most of my friends and that new fabric and that new tool that lets me make flying geese in yet another method (although I always default to the tried and true squares on a rectangle). Which leads me to #4 . . .

4.  I will use the rulers and gadgets that I have purchased last year to increase my flexibility and stretch my versatility as a student of all things quilting. Especially those in Magazines which leads me to #5 . . .

5. I will organize and perhaps let my subscriptions lapse on the magazines that I am so excited to get and see where all my stash fabric could be used. Was it in Sept/October which I got in July? I can't remember right away but is it in that pile or did I buy a tote for them too?

Totes are on sale this time of year, which I find very convenient, only . . . styles have changed, some lids stack on my previously purchased totes some don't. I have good quality and kinda cheap ones all mixed which leads me to #6 . . .

6.  I need another child to move out so that I can use their bedroom to organize my totes.

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  • 1. Valerie (07 January 2015 at 9:30 a.m.)

    Sounds as if you are my clone!

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