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Can I use a cone in my home sewing machine?

Posted: 8 October 2015 at 6 a.m.

Cones for days!

Are you a chain piecer or simply like to sew for hours?  We do.  That’s why we got into thread (for Mother Superior’s quilting addiction).  We understand that when you find the perfect thread type and color, it’s convenient to buy in bulk.  That’s one of the reasons we offer most of our threads on cones.

One question we receive from customers is how to use cones on their home sewing machine.  As you know from watching Thread Therapy (we hope you’ve watched Thread Therapy) thread delivery is important.  Stack-wound spools are meant to be unwound directly off the side.  Cones, which are cross wound, need to wind off the top. 

We don’t recommend placing a cone directly on your home machine because the cone is too large to fit on your spool holder and when unwound from off the side, it can result in uneven tension.

For several years all that was available (and still available) were heavy duty thread stands.  Now, you have more options.  Our favorite cone adapter is the Superior Thread Holder.  One of the many benefits of the thread holder is the ability for you to use it with cones, decorative threads, and bobbins. No matter what thread type or size you’re using, the thread holder is a fantastic notion for you. 

If you’re a busy quilter or sewist ready to commit to using thousands of yards of one color, save time and money by purchasing cones!

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