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Superior Spotlight: Laurie Russman

Posted: 19 October 2015 at 6 a.m.

Laurie Russman

Laurie Russman creates fun life-like thread painted quilts.  We first saw Laurie’s beautiful eye-catching quilts on Facebook and have enjoyed following her since.  We were surprised to learn she’s been quilting for just 10 years (her FMQ is amazing!).  She currently quilts, teaches, and serves as a board member of the Quilt Alliance. 

Neon Kitty

Laurie says thread painting is “pure joy, from selecting the threads that will bring my subject to life, to the layering in the subjects “fur”, to very carefully stitching the eyes.   I frequently use two threads of slightly different shades in my longarm.  Playing with texture is fun.  I use OMNI for a subtle background, Metallic to add shine, Twist for subtle coloration of eyes or fur, and Magnifico for everything else.  I frequently use the same thread in the bobbin so that the lovely image forms on the back of the quilt.”


Laurie explains her “aha!” break-through moment was purchasing a longarm quilting machine.  It allows her to move the needle as naturally as a paintbrush, even on small pieces.

Fox Details

When asked what advice she has for quilters, Laurie said, “Go ahead and take the plunge, however you define it.  Try that new technique.  Enter your quilt in that show.  Submit that article.  Try something outside your comfort zone.  You’ll be so happy you did!”

We love how Laurie’s quilts come to life and are grateful to share her beautiful quilts with you.  If you're going to Houston International Quilt Festival, visit Laurie as she teaches fun Festive Curved Leaf Coasters (using Superior Metallic) at Open Studios.  See more of Laurie’s quilts by following NeonKitty

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