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What thread should I use for sewing?

Posted: 3 December 2015 at 6 a.m.

What thread should I use for sewing?

Sewing is so much fun!  It gives us a chance to express our creative side as well as make something really pretty, useful or both. 

A common question we hear is “what thread should I use for sewing?”

For general clothing construction we recommend a polyester thread like our Sergin’ General or So Fine! #50.  These are all polyester threads.  Polyester thread is recommended for clothing construction because it doesn’t soak up water, has less lint, and is generally stronger than its cotton counterpart.

For quilt construction (piecing) we recommend using a cotton thread, like our MasterPiece thread.  We know some quilters like to use polyester threads for piecing, such as So Fine! #50.  If you are using a polyester thread for piecing, make sure that the iron isn’t left on the seams for too long because polyester has a low melting point.  We love piecing with MasterPiece because it makes flat seams, has low bulk, and is very strong.

If you are sewing decorative stitches or looking for need a specific look, Superior Threads offers 40+ threadlines.  To find the perfect thread for the look you want, use our Quick Start Thread Guide or download the App

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