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Best in Show: On this Winter Day (part 2)

Posted: 18 February 2015 at 6 a.m.

Linda is an incredible quilter.  As you may remember, Linda won Houston Best in Show for her amazing work in 2009.  Last year, she made a powerful come back with Nancy Prince to win Houston’s Best in Show 2014. 

Linda had never quilted realistic landscapes.  She and Nancy both wanted the thread do the work of creating the finished image as possible.  Linda spent a lot of time drawing and doodling before she actually began working on Winter’s Day.  She used Kimono Silk, changing the thread quite frequently, so it would create depth and detail in the scenery.  After two months of quilting, the masterpiece was complete!

On This Winter Day

On This Winter Day

On This Winter Day

Her talent is inspiring, and her story even more so.  

“After winning with Circles of Life, I was diagnosed with a degenerative bone condition.  In 2013, my spinal column in my neck collapsed, and trapped my C5 nerve.  After spinal cord surgery, I awoke with paralysis on my left side.  I spent the next year in a lot of physical therapy regaining the use of my left side.  During this time, I was not allowed to go near any sewing machine.  No one expected me to be able to quilt again or at least at the level that I was before surgery. 

I had been back to quilting only a couple months when I started this project with Nancy.  The excitement for me was that I didn’t lose any of my skill, only my stamina.  I am unable to work for long periods at a time, so I stop and start a lot. 

The excitement of winning was beyond my wildest dreams.  This meant so much to me to prove to myself and to others that I can accomplish such high recognition with two different quilts.  Especially since the surgery and paralysis was between the two and no one expected me to quilt again (at least at the level I had been).”

We are so grateful for Nancy and Linda's quilting talent and for giving us permission to showcase their piece!  To see more of Linda’s work, visit

Images courtesy of Nancy Prince and Linda French

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  • 1. Pat Schutt (21 February 2015 at 8:07 a.m.)

    Linda's quilt is quite breath-taking. She has a talent that most only dream about. So happy for her that she was able to get back to one of her favorite things to do. Keep up the good work Linda (as you can) and be happy.

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