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Questions about Silk (Part 1 of 2)

Posted: 26 February 2015 at 6 a.m.


Silk is a fiber which connotes luxurious sheets, deep colors, and finesse. In the thread world, Silk is treated as the ultimate delicacy for applique, clothing construction, and quilting. Silk offers durability and long-lasting strength combined with lint-free luxury.  This gorgeous fiber may be intimidating for first time users, which is why today we are answering several of the most common questions we receive about our silk threads.

Q. I was told that Silk is really strong and it can tear through my cotton fabric.  Is this true?
Nope! Silk is the strongest natural fiber which is spun into a thread however, this is all relative. If you are using a flimsy, cheap, loosely woven fabric, any strong thread has the possibility of tearing through this type of fabric. As long as you’re using quality fabric and thread, there is no risk of tearing.

Q. Do I have to match the fiber of my thread to the fiber of my fabric?  For example, a silk thread with silk fabric, cotton thread with cotton fabric?
A. There is no official rule that states you must use the same fiber. In fact, most of my quilts are made with cotton fabric and quilted with polyester thread. Something to keep in mind is the need to use the proper needle size based on the thickness of your thread. (See our Thread Reference Guide for this information)

Q. Why would I use Superior's Silk threads instead of a fine polyester or cotton thread?
A.  It comes down to personal choice. I really like a few of my quilts that are quilted with our Kimono Silk. They tend to be more intricate and detail quilted.  Here are a few properties of silk:

  • Smooth and lint-free
  • Strong
  • Colorfast
  • Washable
  • Vibrant colors
Return tomorrow for more answers to your questions about silk thread!
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