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Superior Stars: Laura Welklin

Posted: 28 April 2015 at 6 a.m.

Laura Welklin

Did your mother teach you how to sew?  Laura’s mother taught her to sew at an early age.  Laura made many of her own clothes growing up, but didn’t start quilting until after she was married and moved to a quaint town with a local fabric store only 2 miles from her home (best…thing…ever!). 

After joining the Indianapolis Quilters Guild, Laura entered an appliqued bed quilt and won a blue ribbon!  Today, Laura has shared with us her beautiful Houston International Quilt Festival, 1st Place Art-Miniature piece, The Flower Garden.

The Flower Garden

The Flower Garden

The Flower Garden was made to honor Laura’s parents.  Her mother loved to garden, but when her mother’s Alzheimer’s kept her from being in the garden, Laura’s dad took over.  This combined effort inspired the combination of batik flowers on a calico background.

In Laura’s words, “I had never made a quilt this small before.  I was having trouble finding the right thread to edge stitch the applique.  Everything I tried was too heavy, so I ordered some Superior “Try-Me” silk threads.  The 100 wt Kimono Silk was perfect.  I also purchased the color cards for Kimono Silk, and now I have the cards for many of the threadlines.  They are my favorite tools for quilting!  I highly recommend them.  This quilt is also quilted with Kimono Silk.  I paired it with Bottom Line in the bobbin and my 20+ year old Bernina stitched wonderfully with it. 

This was the first time I quilted free motion feathers on a competition quilt.  I think I have read everything Diane Gaudynski has written about quilting feathers, and I practiced them many times, but I still had to give myself a pep talk before I began.  I have to admit they were the easiest and quickest part of making this quilt!  I love quilting feathers now!”

We love Laura’s quilting and are proud of her 1st place prize in the Houston Show and 3rd place in Paducah.  She does beautiful work!

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