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Superior Stars: Angela Walters

Posted: 28 July 2015 at 6 a.m.

Angela Walters

We’re excited to highlight quilter, blogger, and incredible teacher: Angela Walters.  She does amazing quilting tutorials on her website. 

Angela Walters

Angela Walters

Angela Walters

Angela offers great advice to new and experienced quilters and today we share a few of her best quilting secrets:

1. Don’t Compare Your Worst with Everyone Else’s Best

We all do it to some extent, but it can be so detrimental to our joy. Have you heard the quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”? If so, then you know what I am talking about. Instead of comparing your quilting to everyone else’s, be proud of the fact that you are doing your best work right now. It’s ok to inspired, but don’t be intimidated!

2. Don’t Point Out Your Mistakes

It can be an automatic response, someone compliments our quilt and we immediately begin pointing out all the things that are wrong with it. I see this in my classes all the time and it makes me so sad. Instead of pointing out mistakes or dying a compliment, just say ‘Thank You’…..or at the very least, say something like ‘I had a fun time working on it’.

3. Don’t Forget the Purpose of Your Quilt

If you are getting frustrated with the quilting on your quilt, it may help to remember the purpose of your quilt. Chances are, the main purpose of your quilt isn’t to give you an opportunity to berate yourself. Instead, think about the greater purpose that it will serve once it’s finished, whether you are keeping it or giving it away. Changing your perspective may help you enjoy the whole process a little more.

And last but not least:

4. Don’t Forget That a Finished Quilt is Better Than a Perfect Quilt Top.

No one ever sat by the fire cuddled up under a quilt top. Pull out those unfinished quilt tops that you are afraid to quilt, and finish them!


Wise beyond her years!  To see more of Angela’s talent, visit her website.

Images courtesy of Angela Walters

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  • 1. Marjorie Tonks (28 July 2015 at 8:41 a.m.)

    I have so many unquilted tops that I am afraid to count them. Beautiful appliqued tops, embroidered tops, plus several scrappy tops. Such a waste of time and effort I guess when they sit unfinished in the cupboard. Lack of confidence is the reason when I see how beautiful a well quilted top looks plus I would hate to ruin the tops which I have made.

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