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Superior Stars: Robin Gausebeck

Posted: 1 September 2015 at 6 a.m.

Robin Gausebeck has graciously allowed us to show off her beautiful Revolution #9.  This quilt was designed for the New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest that the National Quilt Museum sponsored. This year's theme was the 9-patch block.  Robin’s quilt received the honor of first place!  It was featured on the cover of the book about the contest, displayed in the museum, and travels around the country to AQS shows for two years!  After that, Robin intends to put it away to save for her 5-year-old granddaughter who partially inspired the quilt.

Robin Gausebeck

Revolution #9

Revolution #9

Revolution #9

Robin explains a little more about her quilt:

“I nearly always start with a quilt title - even before I have a design.  This quilt was made for a contest with a specific theme and I think the Beatles title Revolution #9 literally just popped into my head at the very beginning.  It helped that my little granddaughter’s favorite number is 9.  From that point, the design evolved as a response to the title.  I am much more a verbal than a visual person so when I come up with a quilt title, I brainstorm and work to find ways to interpret the words into a design.

I am a huge fan of Superior Threads.  This particular quilt included Bottom Line (my go-to bobbin thread), Superior Metallic, King Tut, and So Fine! #50.  I use only Kimono Silk in my prize winning miniature quilts and I only use Superior needles for both my Bernina and my HQ 16 sit-down machines.

I would never have become a quilter if I had been able to find a gorgeous piece of fabric to hang on an empty wall in my stairwell.  I found, instead, a book of easy quilts that I thought I could make.  I knew absolutely nothing about quilting at the time and, boy, does that first quilt show it!  Since then, I have taken advantage of wonderful guild speakers, workshops at shows and quilt retreats.  I know that even if the teacher’s style is not my own I will learn something valuable.

I think that studying the quilting styles of Renae Haddadin and Marilyn Badger have impacted my quilting more than anything else.  They both are exceptionally mindful about designs that reflects the themes and motifs of each quilt.  Their inspiration caused me to look at my quilting in an entirely different way and to use my quilting to help tell my quilts’ stories.

I am only a hobby quilter.  I neither sell my work nor do I do custom quilting for anyone else. I mainly do show quilts because, after I won my first ribbon, I found the experience intoxicating!”

Images care of Robin Gausebeck

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  • 1. Carol M (08 September 2015 at 1:06 p.m.)

    It's stunning! I love everything I can see in the pictures...

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