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Q&A: Magnifico on a Longarm

Posted: 4 February 2016 at 6 a.m.

Q&A Magnifico

Customer:  I'm having some difficulty with Magnifico thread on my longarm, and I'm wondering if you have any suggestions.  I use a Towa bobbin gauge, so I'm sure my bobbin tension is correct, and the thread tension looks wonderful on top and bobbin. I'm using a size 18 needle.  My problem is thread breakage - the thread is breaking 2-3 times on each pass. I've tried everything I know to do to fix the problem - changed the needle, cleaned and oiled after each pass, rechecked tension repeatedly - but the breaks keep occurring.  It's not just a single thread cone, either; it's happened with several different cones and colors.

Do you have any suggestions for me?  I love the way the thread looks, and my customers do, as well.


Bob:  The needle size is correct. Magnifico is a strong thread so if is breaking, there is something wrong.  I assume it is not breaking at the needle.  What is the Towa gauge set to?  We recommend setting to 180, or even 170 while we fix this problem.  Then loosen the top tension to balance the top and bottom tension.  Skip some of the threading along the thread path (the 3-hole plate).
Please let me know if this helps.

Customer:   I reduced the bobbin tension to 160-70, and then reduced the top tension accordingly, and now everything is working fine with no more breakage. It was probably the result of my quirky machine, as much as anything else.  Thanks for your suggestions!

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