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Should I use cotton or polyester for clothing construction?

Posted: 16 February 2016 at 6 a.m.

What thread to make clothes?

Surprise!  It doesn’t really matter.

But if you want our expert opinion, there are advantages to using polyester. 

Polyester thread doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton fibers.  This helps your garment dry faster.  It’s not accurate to say polyester is stronger than cotton, but polyester is a strong thread that maintains integrity through many wash cycles.

What if the cotton shrinks and the polyester thread doesn’t?

Quality fabrics don’t shrink like they used to.  If you’re nervous about the cotton shrinking, wash the fabric prior to sewing.

What if I want my project to be synthetic free?

Great!  Then use a cotton thread like our MasterPiece #50 to construct your project.

Will the polyester thread “tear” my cotton fabric?

Thread will not tear through fabric soley due to its fiber content.  If a thread ever tears through a fabric, it is because it won the strength contest.  In a battle of heavy use and high stress placed on clothing, the strongest component will always win.

Our final reason why polyester is great for clothing construction?  Price point.  Generally, polyester threads are less expensive than high-quality cotton threads.  Are you ready to try polyester for your next sewing project?  We recommend Sergin’ General for your serger and So Fine! #50 for your home sewing machine. 

Happy stitching! 

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  • 1. Sharon T (16 February 2016 at 10:51 a.m.)

    I made a quilt and a pillow sham using polyester thread for my daughter to take to college. Because she left the sham on her pillow for sleeping, she washed it weekly. The sham came home literally shredded at the seams while the quilt made at same time with same fabrics was in perfect condition. Iam sure the shredding was because of the poly thread used with cotton.

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