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Tulle skirts: a tulle-torial!

Posted: 21 March 2016 at 6 a.m.

This article is by guest blogger, Martha Milne.

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Here's Emily making a pink tulle skirt with little May, Annie, and Teresa

Making a tulle skirt couldn't be simpler! For this project we used the Tulle Circle Skirt DIY instructions found on A Beautiful Mess blog post - it has very clear pictures, which is a must for any good tutorial! We used So Fine! #50 for stitching the skirts with Bottom Line pre-wounds in the bobbin. While making the skirts was fairly easy, I did find that it got even easier when I kept the following in mind:

  • When cutting out the tulle, make sure you're using your sharpest scissors! You want the lines to be clean and smooth, not jagged.
  • When you cut out your elastic, always make it an inch shorter than the waist size you want. The elastic stretches, and the tulle doesn't, so if you need to slip the skirt over your hips to your waist, make sure there's some give!
  • Before sewing the elastic onto the layers of tulle, I found it helpful to actually sew the layers together, rather than just pinning them. This way, you know that all the layers are together, and you won't have to unpick if you accidentally miss a layer while sewing the elastic on. 
  • Really pull the elastic taut while you are stitching the tulle to it! 
  • So Fine! #50 with Bottom Line in the bobbin is the perfect combination for clothing projects! 
Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Little May was so curious!  She loved watching the sewing machine.

Sergin General

We used a serger, and the new Superior Threads line Sergin' General, to make the linings for the tulle skirts.

Sergin General

Sergin' General is a Poly-wrapped poly core thread  specifically designed for serging or overlocking. It's the cleanest serger/overlock thread available with excellent strength and elongation for smooth stitches with less puckering. Sergin' General is available in 50 solid colors specifically chosen for their blending tones so you can easily find a perfect match. It's wound on convenient, 3,000 yd. cones and will fit on your serger/overlocker comfortably. 

Did you learn something from Martha?  Check out her blog for more quilting and sewing tips and tutorials.

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