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Helpful Craft Apps

Posted: 25 January 2017 at 6 a.m.

This is a guest blog post by our friend, Annabelle

Apps for Crafts

Crafts are not normally associated with apps and technology. When Pinterest exploded onto the scene, getting millions of housewives hooked on crafting and DIY, a whole new niche opened for technology and crafting to happily go hand in hand. 

If you have not subscribed to a personal favourite yet, you may wonder why anyone would want to involve their hobbies and DIY projects with an app in the first place. Consider these compelling reasons:

Get inspired!

Even great artists look for inspiration. Whether you are crafting as a hobby or doing it for profit, we all run out of inspiration. Why not get yours on demand? Find and follow other crafters that do things beyond what you could have imagined, and follow in their footsteps. Get feedback on your own creations, give feedback and help someone to be inspired by your handiwork.

Get Skilled!

The days of finding classes for sewing, knitting and the likes are over. Not available in your community? No problem! The internet has opened its arms wide for this huge gap, and you benefit by getting access to great classes. Learning to sew, crochet and any other crafting skills is now within any person’s reach thanks to technology.

Design it!

There is much fun to be had by playing around and coming up with your own designs. Brand your T-shirt business, get a logo for your home knits for sale and create ads to attract the attention of customers. Marketing with DIY flair!

Set goals!

Move your projects forward by planning stages and getting reminders. Like any important project, you can plan and measure progress to keep motivated and active.

There are apps with stitch counters, fabric estimators and even thread calculators. It becomes clear that rather than being strangers, crafting and technology is a match made in heaven! And you don’t even have to look too further to find your perfect app. In this infographic, we have done the searching to find the best apps for your benefit. Have fun! 

With Love,

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