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Bobbin Thread

bobbin threadSuperior Threads carries a variety of bobbin thread. Superior Threads specializes in high-quality thread for many different applications. We have been producing bobbin thread and decorative thread for over 10 years. Our bobbin thread is manufactured in Japan using unbeatable talent and quality, mainly because Japan is known throughout the thread industry for its excellence in product development.

There are three main types of Bobbin Thread.

  1. Cotton - Quilters love it. It keeps the fiber content consistent with the fabric, batting, and top thread. For embroidery, it is OK, but on dense fill designs, cotton bobbin thread will result in a stiff design. Beware that lower quality cottons produce more lint which in turn requires more frequent machine cleaning. Choose a good quality bobbin thread like Superior Threads' Masterpiece.
  2. Spun poly and cotton-wrapped poly - Stronger than cotton. Many machine quilters like this thread due to its strength. Like cotton, it does not have a slick surface and sometimes tends to grab the top thread too tightly creating uneven stitches and top thread breakage.
  3. Filament poly - This thread has a shiny appearance and is virtually lint free. It can be thin and lightweight, yet strong. Embroiderers love this thread because it creates a soft backing, even on dense designs. Many machine quilters like using a filament poly thread in the bobbin. Due to its smooth surface, it works well with metallic threads and heavy cotton threads. The smoothness of the filament poly thread does not snag or grab the top thread. If you've had trouble using metallics or heavy cotton threads, a smooth bobbin thread may solve some problems. Examples of lint-free, smooth bobbin threads are The Bottom Line and So Fine.

Many professionals use Superior Threads' bobbin threads for their projects. They understand the high quality we provide along with our world-class customer service.

Why Use our Bobbin Thread?

All of our threads must meet rigorous quality standards imposed upon our factories. Our bobbin thread diversity will suit your needs whether you are quilting, sewing, embroidering, couching, etc.

Our threads are available worldwide in quilt shops and sewing-supply stores. If you can’t find our products locally, our website is open 24/7, and you are always welcome to give us a call at 800-499-1777. We invite you to try our thread and see for yourself. You will be very pleased using the best bobbin thread. If we weren’t confident in our product, we wouldn’t guarantee it!