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MasterPiece Thread Group shotMasterPiece 3-ply has 75 beautiful colors!

Everyone loves an upgrade in quality without an increase in price. Superior Threads 3-ply MasterPiece is the highest grade Egyptian-grown extra-long staple Cotton thread available. The three plies make MasterPiece strong; high-tension machines can sew with MasterPiece and experience low lint with no breaks. We have added an extra-tight twist, which helps keep the diameter small, so it will sew like a 2-ply cotton thread, but has the added strength of the third ply. It is ideal for piecing on all machines.

Our original 2-ply MasterPiece was specifically created for piecing on home machines, hand applique, and in the bobbin. Many new Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery machines are being built with stronger motors with increased stitch speed, which puts additional tension on the top thread.   Our original 2-ply MasterPiece is fantastic for loosely and moderately tensioned machines,hand applique and for the bobbin. However, we experienced with our new, tightly-tensioned machines that there was too much tension and we would need to loosen the top tension quite a bit for high-speed stitching. Because of this shift with machines, we decided to make MasterPiece much stronger. By adding a 3rd ply, we were able to increase strength by upwards of 50%!  Due to a very smooth, tight twist, the new 3-ply MasterPiece is very close to the original 2-ply in diameter, but significantly stronger. In fact, our 3-ply MasterPiece is strong enough for longarm machine quilting. 

We have kept our prewound MasterPiece bobbins as a 2-ply thread due to customer requests. Many love the prewounds for hand appliqué.

Sew with the 3-ply today and see the difference.  Shop our wonderful selection of 75 colors of MasterPiece. We recommend Superior's Topstitch #80/12 on home sewing machines and a #16 (MR3.5) for longarm machines. 

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By: Bob Purcell