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prewound bobbins

Prewound Bobbins will not void your machine warranty

Q. Will using prewound bobbins void the warranty on my machine? I read on a forum that because someone used prewound bobbins, their dealer wouldn't service her machine.

A. This is a common question and unfortunately believed by many because they were told this by their machine dealer. I have never seen this disclaimer in writing in the manual or on the warranty card of any brand of machine. I asked machine dealers and some said they were told to advise their customers that using prewound bobbins would void the warranty. I still did not believe it so I went to the top, directly to the machine companies. Here is their answer: "Prewound bobbins will NOT void the machine warranty. There seems to be no problem with using quality prewound bobbins." I'm sure there have been cases where a customer takes a machine in for servicing and lint from cheap prewound bobbins has really clogged the machine. The service technician would then advise the customer to avoid them. I can understand and agree with that. But these stories have turned into rumors and rumors become assumed truths and it is difficult to undo these, but I'm trying. It is a fact that most major machine companies sell prewound bobbins. Approx. 70% of home machines use the standard L style prewound bobbin. A list of compatible machines is on our website. If your machine model is compatible with prewounds bobbins, choose wisely and enjoy the convenience.

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By: Bob Purcell