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My manual says to only use long-staple polyester thread, what is it?

Q. I love my Baby Lock Sashiko machine! I have just ran out of some thread I was using and read the manual and it states that for maximum performance, it is recommended to use 100% long staple polyester thread within the range of 30 to 100 weight. I've never heard of long staple polyester and I want to use Superior's #30 Tire Silk. Do you think I can use your silk in my Sashiko?

A.We own a Baby Lock Sashiko 2 machine and use a wide variety of our threads without any problems, including our Tire Silk #30. In fact, traditional Sashiko thread is thick (similar to a #30) and made from Cotton. In the thread industry, we don't usually use the term 'staple' when defining polyester. "long-staple polyester" is most likely referring to a Spun Polyester thread. Our So Fine! threads, which are filament polyester are stronger and have less fuzz than spun polyester threads. We really like the look of Tire Silk #50, as the sheen is gorgeous. As always, it is important to heed what your manual says and to use high-quality thread in your machine. It is true that cotton thread will displace lint. However, if you use a high-quality cotton that has extensive processing, such as our King Tut or MasterPiece threads, it will displace less lint.

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By: Bob Purcell