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Balancing Top and Bottom Tension

Below is a question we received from a customer regarding stitch balance while using So Fine! #30 on her machine.

Thread Tension by Superior Threads
Q. I use Superior Threads almost exclusively so I have a question for 
you. I have a new sewing machine and am having trouble with tensions. Do you 
believe it possible to have a stitch balanced so that one does not see a 
dot of bobbin thread on top? Is it possible? I am having most trouble 
with the So Fine! #30. I love them but always see quite a lot of bobbin thread.

 Yes, it should be possible. If you are seeing the bobbin thread on 
the top, the top tension is too tight and therefore it is pulling up the 
bobbin thread. Newer machines seem to be factory set with 
rather tight top tension. Override the preset or automatic tension setting and reduce the top tension to about a 2.0 or 2.5 
range and that should make a difference

By: Bob Purcell