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batik quilt

What type of needle should I use for piecing and quilting my Batik Quilt?

Q. I know that Heather (Mother Superior) loves batik fabrics and has made many quilts using batiks. Does she use Sharp or Microtex needles when piecing and/or quilting? 

A. I think that the actual batik fabric has softened quite a bit from when they first became available to quilters. I used to use "Microtex" which has become relabeled as "Sharp" with the older batiks. It had such a tight weave that I could hardly pin the stuff together! But now, the fabric is much softer and easier to piece and especially quilt. I have used Topstitch needles for years now. The newer, high-quality batik fabrics are MUCH easier to pin and baste and I don't need the sharp needle style to stitch through the fabric. Our Superior Topstitch needles are very adequate, even Superior!

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By: Bob Purcell