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bernina bobbinsPrewound Bobbins for Bernina Sewing Machines

Q. I love my Bernina 130 (I've had it for several years and it's been a trusty machine) but find myself impatient when I need to wind my own bobbins. Do you have prewounds which will fit my machine? I love the prewounds for my Pfaff, they're so convenient and I think they hold a lot more thread than when I wind myself. Thank you.

A. It's wonderful to have a machine that works well and doesn't cause trouble! Bernina machines use 1 of 4 bobbin styles.

  • The CB (which is the metal bobbin with 7 circular holes)
  • The rotary (which has the series of rounded rectangles)
  • The B9 large bobbin for new 7 series machines
  • The 8 series jumbo bobbin for the new 8 series machines.

The rotary bobbin is an L-style bobbin and the CB bobbin is a Class 15 (also known as A-style) bobbin. The B9 and 8 series jumbo bobbins are unique in shape and prewounds currently aren't available for them. However, the CB and rotary bobbins are prewound compatible.

Please look at our bobbin compatibility page to see what type of bobbin your machine uses.

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By: Bob Purcell