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Superior's Block Designer Instructions

Our Block Designer tool is fantastic to help visualize completed blocks from fabrics on our website. It’s as simple as clicking and dragging. 

Please follow the steps below to use the Block Designer.

 a. Find a few fabrics which you want to view as a block and add them to your cart. (You can easily delete them afterwards.)
 b. Click on the main Fabric Navigation button and then 'Block Designer' or click on the 'Block Designer' text on the bottom left of our website.

Block Designer button Block Designer Button

 c. Once you're on the Block Designer page, select a block you'd like to visualize.
Blocks from designer
 d. Once you've clicked on the block you want to visualize, it's time to click and drag!
 e. Click on any fabric that is in the Section 2 box and drag it into any square in Section 3.

Drag and drop Completed Block

 e. Mix and match until you find the perfect combination. You can see exactly how the block will look with the colors you selected. There are limitless possibilities.  
 f. You have the option to save your blocks for future reference. You do not need to keep the fabrics in your cart for this feature to work. Click 'Save' and type in your desired description. (Please refresh the page to view your saved blocks)
 g. Next time you are on the Block Designer page, you will see an option to 'View all saved blocks' 

Description Box View Saved Blocks

The view from 'My Saved Blocks'

View my saved blocks

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By: Bob Purcell