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prewound bobbins

How much thread can I wind onto my bobbin?

How much thread does my bobbin hold? There is a major difference between a self-wound bobbin and a professionally wound prewound bobbin. Even among self-wound bobbins, there will be differences due to machine winding tension settings, speed, and size of thread.

Professionally-wound prewound bobbins usually have more thread on them because of the high-tech machinery that is used to wind thread onto the bobbin core and the consistent tension that is applied throughout. Our professional prewound bobbins contain 40-50% more thread than winding them on your own. Try them and see the difference. 

Here are estimates for winding bobbins yourself, on your sewing machine:

L style Bobbin

Bottom Line: 70 yds.
Masterpiece: 55 yds.
Brand X cotton: 39 yds.
So Fine! #50: 38 yds.

M style bobbin
Bottom Line: 125 yds.
Masterpiece: 99 yds.
Brand X cotton: 71 yds.
So Fine: 92 yds.

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By: Bob Purcell