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bottom lineAll About Bottom Line Polyester Thread

Q: What color(s) of The Bottom Line will act like an invisible thread?

A: If you want an almost invisible thread, without going to a monofilament, use The Bottom Line color #623 Silver or #620 Cream or other light shades. On light/medium shades of multi-color fabrics, the thread absorbs the colors and goes almost invisible. It's amazing.

Q: Can The Bottom Line be used for making lace?

A: The Bottom Line thread is marvelous for machine stand alone lace embroidery. Many use it in both top and bobbin and it comes out very soft and fine.

Q: Can The Bottom Line be used on both the top and the bottom?

A: Absolutely.

Q: How can I accurately match my bobbin colors to my top thread?

A: Check our Color Compatibility Charts to match So Fine #50 colors to The Bottom Line, The Bottom Line to So Fine #50, and King Tut to The Bottom Line.

Q: I'm hoping you can shed some insight on a topic that came up at my local quilt shop today. One lady stated that thread is directional. More smooth in one direction, more rough in another. That you can never use thread that's wound on a bobbin on the top of your machine because it's wound from the wrong direction, that you'll have more thread breaks. Further saying that when you are hand sewing your knot needs to be on the end that first comes off of your spool. That you'll have more shredding if you put your needle on the thread first, then pull and tie your knot where snipped.

A: Low quality thread with a loose twist can react this way but a high quality thread with a nice smooth, tight twist is not affected by direction.

Q: I had a friend tell me she was going to sew with serger poly thread.  She thinks it should be equal to a So Fine or Bottom Line thread.  I told her it is a different quality and not to do it.  Do you have a better answer for me to give her?

A: Most serger thread is cheap spun (fuzzy and linty) polyester.  This thread is OK (still not the best) to use with a serger where multiple strands overlock and form the stitch.  It is not good thread to use for quilting.  So Fine is not spun poly, but a multi-strand continuous filament thread which means it is lint free and stronger.

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By: Bob Purcell