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superior needles

Why aren't Superior's needles color coated?

Q. I noticed recently that one line of machine needles will now have a colored band identifying the size and type of needle.  Could you do that with your needles?  I love your needles, but it is hard to read the numbers once they are out of the package.
A. That is a good idea and we have checked into it in the past. Needles that are color banded have a nickel coating, which is the lowest quality coating on a needle. Titanium-coated needles must be pre-coated with chrome rather than nickel and chrome repels paint.

Some home machine needles have a color-coated shank to identify them easily. Why don't we do this with our Topstitch Titanium-coated needles? Our needles are made of high-strength steel, plated with Chrome, and dipped into a titanium-nitride solution (this is what gives our needles the gold coloring). Chrome is a very smooth and slippery metal which does not allow paint to stick very easily. Needles that have a painted shank are nickel-coated. 

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By: Bob Purcell