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Having Problems using a Large Cone on my Machine

Q. I recently purchased an entire cone of Masterpiece thread #154 Sculptures clay. My machine (Pfaff Creative Vision) doesn't like it at all. I was piecing my quilt and the thread broke constantly. I've watched Bob on the Quilt Show many times (the reason I bought the thread!) and I did as he said to do. Factory default on a straight stitch was 4.6- I kept lowering tension to 3.4 and still the thread broke. It's so thin compared to my other 50 weight threads (Mettler). I have no problems with Mettler in the machine. I'd really like to use your thread for piecing. Do you have another suggestion? May I return this cone for something else that you think will work? (My needle was an 80 Schmetz. I'm trying to use them up and was planning to switch to top stitch needles after that). I was cotton purist, but I can be swayed. What about melting issues with poly? I use a cotton setting on the iron for pressing quilt pieces.

A- Please follow these two recommendations.  

       1. Are you using a thread stand/cone holder? When using large cones of thread on your machine, the thread needs to come off the top of the cone. We don't recommend inserting a dowel or adapter which has your cone of thread unwind from off the side. Please watch our video on our Thread Holder. We discuss thread delivery in this video.

       2. Lower the auto tension setting all the way down to 2.0. 3.4 is still too much tension. 
(The 80/12 needle is probably OK, even though it is not a Topstitch.) Making small adjustments when it comes to tension on your home machine doesn't do much. When adjusting tension, drop it down by whole numbers and then slowly increase tension as needed. It's much easier to adjust this method instead of dropping down by .2 and having the thread break consistently. 

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By: Bob Purcell