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Would you like to compare colors of thread and fabric side by side? Using Superior's Design Board, you can do this in a few easy steps.

The Design Board is an incredible tool to help discern color shades of similarly-colored products. For this example, we will be using Green-colored threads from our Magnifico thread line.

First step is to add the products you would like to compare to your shopping cart. Add the products you want to see side-by-side to your shopping cart by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button.

Add a product to your shopping cart

When you have finished selecting the products to compare by adding them to your cart, click on the 'Other Links' text at the bottom left of our website.

Design Board

After clicking on the 'Other Links' text it will take you to list of options for our website. From here you will find the 'Design Board' link.

Now that you are on the Design Board page, you can arrange the products in any manner you please. The SKU #'s are listed directly below the image so you can keep track of each color. To eliminate an image (product) from the Design Board, return to your cart and simply remove the item. It will no longer appear in your Design Board

Design Board by Superior Threads

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By: Bob Purcell