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polyester sewing thread

Popular Questions about Polyester

Q. Is it OK to use polyester in my quilt? 
A: Absolutely! There is an unfortunate myth that exists in the quilting world that polyester thread is so strong, it will tear through the quilt fabric. Thread will not tear through a fabric solely due to its fiber content. If a thread ever tears through a fabric, it is because it won the strength contest, regardless if it is cotton or polyester. Some cotton thread is stronger and more wiry than polyester. We frequently use polyester threads and batting in our quilts.

Q. What is Trilobal Polyester
A. Trilobal polyester is a premium, lint-free polyester. It is not spun poly, but a continuous fiber thread and has a very nice sheen, similar to silk. It is soft, lint free, and colorfast.

Q. What is High-tenacity Trilobal Polyester? 
A. High-tenacity trilobal polyester is trilobal poly that at the molecular level, has more strength. The individual fibers are made from material which has stronger tensile strength. Our Magnifico, Fantastico, and Twist threads are High-tenacity trilobal polyester threads.

Q. What are the best types of threads to use for general quilting and embroidery? 
A. Cottons and polyesters. We don't recommend or sell Rayon because it is not colorfast. Nylon has a lower melting point than Polyester and over time, Nylon will discolor. Silk is gorgeous, but expensive. Hand dyed threads are often not colorfast. 

Q. What type of thread should I use for general sewing and clothing construction?
A. Polyester. Here's a true story: One day I was looking at a package of Hanes cotton t-shirts that stated it was made from 100% cotton. Being a thread guy, I phoned Hanes customer service and asked the person on the other line what fiber the thread is that makes up these 100% cotton shirts. He didn't have an answer for me and placed me on hold. I went up the chain of service representatives until I spoke with a division manager. After convincing her that I was not a corporate spy, but a guy who likes thread and is interested in fibers, she told me that they use polyester thread to sew their cotton shirts together. 
Spun polyester like our Superior Spun Poly, is a common fiber to use for general sewing and apparel. Poly-wrapped poly-core like our OMNI, offers greater strength than spun poly and is commonly used for jeans, slacks, and heavier clothing. Our So Fine! #50 is a premium sewing thread which is great for any general sewing needs.

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By: Bob Purcell