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View our different shades of Gold Metallic Thread

Superior Metallics thread is a high-quality metallic which can be used for embroidery and quilting.  Many quilters use our Metallic thread in their home sewing machines and longarm machines to create stunning works of art. (See this amazing quilt by Jamie Wallen which was quilted on an A1 Longarm) 

We produce several shades of Gold in our metallic thread line.  With five options of gold colors to choose from, we tend to ask "which shade of Gold do I want?"

We put together a graphic to show the differences in our Gold Metallic colors. Ranging from a Light Gold (Gold #2), Standard Gold (Gold #7), Military Gold (which has more of a brassy hue, Gold #9), Antique Gold (Gold #16), to our Variegated Gold (Gold #25, which has blues and reds combined with our Gold #7.) 

Gold Metallic Thread Comparison by Superior Threads

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By: Bob Purcell