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Quilt Blocks Reference Chart

quilting block chart

This chart is a helpful guide to reference when planning a quilt, using your own design and blocks. These numbers represent averages and include a pillow tuck and long drop on the sides and bottom. Subtract 10-12” from the length if you do not want a pillow tuck.

A note about the similarities between a Full and Queen mattress:

The dimensions listed for the Full Size and Queen Size quilts are identical. Because the mattress sizes are so similar (Full is 54" x 75" and Queen is 60" x 80"), the recommended block sizes are the same. If a border is added onto a smaller-sized configuration, the necessary length and width will be achieved.

There is roughly a 6" difference between a Full and Queen mattress. If a block is 12", we can't cut the block in half to accommodate this difference. We can however, add a border around the quilt for extra width/length.

An example of adding a border for more width/length is our Celtic Crystals quilt. The bottom two images provide a fantastic example at using the same block configuration for both a Full and Queen bed. The image on the left is the size for a Full quilt. The image on the bottom right is for a Queen quilt. The inner quilt blocks are the exact same, but there's been an additional border added which makes the quilt 'fit' a queen sized bed.

Need a little help creating your own blocks? Please utilize our Block Designer to visualize your blocks and get your creativity flowing!

Do you know how much thread it takes to quilt a quilt? View our 'How Much Thread' article.

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By: Bob Purcell