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Learn all about Sewing Machine Bobbins

This fun infographic explores the differences in the top three bobbin styles in use today, the Class 15, L-style, and M-style bobbin. To view a printer-friendly version of this infographic, please click here

The L-style bobbin is the most common style of bobbin used in home sewing machines today. About 40% of all home sewing machines use the L-style bobbin.

The Class 15 (also referred to as an A-style bobbin) has the same diameter as an L-style bobbin, but is wider and therefore holds more thread than the L-style bobbin.

The M-style bobbin is a large bobbin made for longarm and industrial sewing machines. This large size holds nearly twice as much thread as an L-style bobbin.  

bobbin infographic

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By: Bob Purcell