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Do you live close to a quilt shop?

Hundreds of articles are written each year about the best places to retire. These articles are usually based on crime rates, climate, activities, health care, and more; however, they all fail to mention one very important statistic - how many quilt/sewing shops in the city. Consider some of these cities for your "Quilter's Paradise" retirement.

We live in St. George, UT, where we boast 8 quilt shops, but you will only need to visit 3 of them to get all you need!  We love having visitors come to our shop. Please come by our thread distribution center and fabric store on your next trip to or through St. George, and we'll give you a tour of over 5,000 thread products and 10,000 bolts of fabric! 

Do you have many quilt shops located in your city that is not listed below? Please let us know by emailing us.

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By: Bob Purcell