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Superior's Titanium-coated Topstitch Needles are Built to Last

Superior's Titanium-coated needles are recommended by the pros for sewing, quilting, embroidery, clothing construction, piecing, and more. 

A thin layer of titanium-nitride is plated on the needle in the final step. This coating doesn't make the needle stronger (in terms of tensile strength), it keeps the point sharper, longer. Titanium-nitride is very tough substance and has excellent abrasion resistance. 

The Topstitch needle style is what we personally use nearly 100% of the time we are on our sewing machines. Topstitch needles have a larger eye than other needle styles. It is nearly twice as long as the eye on a Universal needle. This extra space allows the thread to have more space to move, which reduces friction and results in fewer thread breaks. There is also a deeper and wider groove on Topstitch needle. This helps keep thread close to the needle and reduces friction from rubbing against the fabric.

Click on the image to view our Infographic on what makes Superior's Topstitch needles great.

infographic image

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By: Bob Purcell