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king tut threadTone-on-tone colors offer fantastic appeal

Q. Why don't we have a full line of King Tut thread in solid colors? I love the thread but don't know why you would leave out such a large color selection?

A. Just as fabrics continue to change, so has thread. Remember the old days when most fabrics were a solid color? Compare those to our current fabric selection. The fabrics we use today are rarely a solid color. They are either mottled, dappled, or textured, which provide much more depth to the fabric than do plain solid color fabrics. Thread plays a similar role. With solid color fabrics, it was often desired to do a perfect color match with the thread. If the color was not a perfect match, it would stand out and appear out of place. With today's textured fabrics, a tone-on-tone variegated thread complements beautifully and enhances the overall effect without excessive contrast. Approximately half of our King Tut colors and many colors in our other variegated lines are tone-on-tone colors. These have an appearance of being a solid color from a few feet away, but close up, one can see the four different shades of a particular color. Having four close shades in a single thread makes the thread much more forgiving as it ties the colors of the fabrics and the thread together.

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By: Bob Purcell