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Groz-Beckert Longarm Needles

A few years ago, Groz-Beckert took over the Singer industrial needle division.  The old yellow Singer needle cases will soon disappear and all will be in the standard green Groz-Beckert packs.  If the label has a red strip across the top, it is a titanium-coated needle.  If the word "Gebedur" is printed in the bottom left-hand corner of the label, it is a titanium-coated needle. Below is an explanation of what the different numbers mean on Groz-Beckert longarm needles.

Groz-Beckert Longarm Needles

Most needles recommended for quilting have a slightly rounded sharp point, indicated by the code FFG.  The rounded sharp point allows the needle point to separate, then penetrate the fabric instead of cutting through everything.

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By: Bob Purcell