longarm needlesI Love Superior's Topstitch Needles, Do you have them for Longarms?

Q. My favorite needle to use is the Topstitch in either size 10 or 12.  I especially like the sharpness of the tip and the very wide hole for thread. I recently bought a Baby Lock Tiara (16" sit-down midarm machine) which takes industrial needles. Is there one that has the features of Superior's Topstitch needle that I mentioned that will fit the Tiara?

A. The Groz-Beckert industrial needles we sell for longarm and midarm machines (your Tiara) don't have the same specifications as our Topstitch needle, however, we can't make a straight comparison of a home machine needle to an industrial needle. These needles are 'Special Application Needles' and they are made for machines which move against fabric in all directions. They do have a nice, deep groove and a larger eye for threading. The overall size of the needle is larger than a home machine needle, so the groove and eye will also be large. We have found that Groz-Beckert's SAN needles are the best for longarm and midarm machines. We use these needles in our Longarms at our facility.

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By: Bob Purcell