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MasterPiece thread on your Janome

masterpiece thread
#1) Q. I have used Superior Threads for the last several and have never had a problem with thread breaking. The MasterPiece thread kept breaking.  I cleaned my machine (Janome 6600), changed needles 3 times and I had a second spool of the same color thread, so I changed spools. When that didn't work, I changed machines (Janome 760) and it broke again.So, I concluded it wasn't the machine but the thread. Since then I have had another spool of MasterPiece breaking. Do you have any suggestions on what I can try next? I don't want to change brand of threads as that is what my quilt shop sells and I have been happy with it. Any suggestions you have I will be happy to try.

A.  It sounds like the upper tension is too tight. Because MasterPiece is a fine thread, too much tension causes breakage. Reduce the upper tension all the way down to 3.0 and see if that solves it. If you are using the 600 yd. spools, position them on the vertical spool pin so the thread unwinds straight off the side of the spool (with the spool rotating). 
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By: Bob Purcell