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magnifico thread

Magnifico is a gorgeous trilobal poly available in 200 colors!

After many years in development, we now have a polyester thread that has the high-sheen of trilobal polyester and the strength of filament polyester. Introducing Magnifico, a high-tenacity (strength), high-sheen trilobal polyester. Magnifico is unlike any other thread. We have replaced Highlights with this amazing thread with 200 colors available.  

Highlights was a standard trilobal polyester thread, not a high-tenacity poly and only available in 50 colors. We were able to create a better thread for embroidery and quilting with Magnifico. 

If you have Highlights and would like to find the similar color in Magnifico, please click here.

We recommend using a Topstitch #90/14 needle with Magnifico on a home sewing machine and a #18 (MR 4.0) on a longarm machine.

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By: Bob Purcell