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superior topstitch needle

Correcting the myths surrounding Titanium-coated Needles

Q. I was told by a teacher not to use titanium-coated needles cause when they break the coating shatters off and goes all in your machine?

A. Your teacher is misinformed. The titanium coating is an ultra-thin ceramic coating and it does not shatter. Nearly every major sewing factory in the world uses titanium-coated needles and if there were greater risk of damage with this type, no one would use them.

Q. I have heard that titanium needles are so strong, that instead of the needle breaking, the needle will penetrate the bobbin case and break my machine. Is that true?

A. Superior's Needles are made from high-strength steel and do not have a stronger tensile/breaking strength than other Topstitch needles. The thin layer of Titanium-nitride which coats the needle offers superior abrasion resistance, thus keeping the point of the needle sharper, longer.

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By: Bob Purcell