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General Questions and Answers about MonoPoly Invisible Thread

Q.I don't want the thread to affect the color, only to add texture. So... I thought of monofilament thread. HOWEVER, I hate the shiny stuff. Currently I have another brand of monofilament in smoke. It is still shiny. Your MonoPoly claims to have a matte finish. If that is true, I think that is what I need.

A. Our MonoPoly is reduced sheen, but still has some unavoidable monofilament sheen.  Have you considered a blending color of Bottom Line?  It is a 60 wt. very fine thread that blends beautifully.  

Q. Can I use this on a longarm machine? I have time reserved for Wednesday, so it is not likely I'll have what I need by then, but I can see about reserving more time later.

A. Yes, MonoPoly works on longarms machines with well adjusted loose tension (both top and bobbin). We have quilted many of our quilts with MonoPoly and they look great.

Q. Do I use the same thread in the bobbin?

A. Not recommend for monofilament threads.  MonoPoly on both top and bottom is usually not the best.  Because the threads are slick, they may not form as good a knot if used together. We recommend using Bottom Line in your bobbin when using MonoPoly on top.

Q. Does your pre-wound MonoPoly bobbin work on a longarm?

A. No. Currently our MonoPoly prewounds are Class 15 (A-style) bobbins. Longarms do not use that style bobbin. We will be offering MonoPoly prewounds in other styles soon. Please read our newsletters for this announcements.

Q. Does it (the pre-wound bobbin) work on a Janome home machine (mine is a Memory Craft 6500)? I can't find anywhere in my Instruction book where it says what type of bobbin is required.

A. Yes. Janome machines use Class 15 (A-style) bobbins. Please reference our Bobbin Compatibility chart to see if your machine and bobbin style is listed. 

Q. If I end up quilting this at home on my Janome 6500, do you have any tips for me? 

    a) Should I put the thread in the normal, vertically positioned feeds from the back of my machine, or should I use my thread holder thing that can sit away from my machine?

    b) What type of needle should I use?

A. Spools unwind straight from the side (as the spool freely rotates). Cones unwind over the top. Needle: Topstitch #70/10 is great for home machines using MonoPoly.

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By: Bob Purcell