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monopoly threadIs it possible to use MonoPoly both Top and Bobbin at the same time?

Q. I know you recommend Bottom Line when using MonoPoly in top thread. However, I'd like to use Monopoly in both the top and bobbin in my domestic machine, a Bernina 440. Do you have any needle and tension recommendations? I want to do this since I have brightly colored distinct designs in the top of the quilt and backing. 
With regard to bobbins, my friends tell me that they can use an 'L' sized bobbin. Do you sell pre-wound L sized bobbins? Bottom line or So Fine?

A. MonoPoly usually works fine together on top and bottom, but there have been a few cases that due to the slickness of the thread, it may not be real easy to use. Slick threads can have a difficult time forming a proper stitch. I recommend trying it and see how it works.
We recommend using our Superior Topstitch #70/10 needle and loosening your top tension all the way down to 1.0 as a starting point. Increase or decrease your tension as necessary.

Re: Your Bernina 440, it uses a Class 15 bobbin. We have MonoPoly prewounds available in Class 15. L-style bobbins are the same diameter as Class 15 bobbins, but are a little shorter. We have had many customers successfully use L-style prewound bobbins in their 400 series machines, by removing the cardboard sides. Our cardboard-sided prewound bobbins are SuperBOBs. We also have our So Fine! #60 thread prewound in Class 15 bobbins.

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By: Bob Purcell