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prolock threadWhat is causing me to break my needles as I serge?

Q. I ordered about a dozen 8500-yard spools of Polyarn and ProLock for my serger a few months ago. I discovered to my chagrin that my Baby Lock serger can't handle spools of that size. I broke 7 needles learning that the hard way. Is it possible to exchange the unopened spools for Polyarn in the 1000-yard size? 

A. I'm sorry that you've had several broken needles with your serger. We are happy to swap out thread to the type/size you prefer to have. I do have a few questions for you, as we have several Baby Lock sergers which we successfully run our serger threads on. Are you using the large cones of Polyarn/ProLock on the loopers only? On our imagine and Evolution, the large cones are snug together, but we are able to get a great stitch with a Handy Net over the cones. 

What type of thread are you using through the needles? Are you serging with 4 or 3 threads? Do you place a Handy Net over the large cones? Please watch our video on Handy Nets and towards the end of the video, you will see a Baby Lock Imagine serger with 2 large cones of ProLock serging away. 

Customer's Response:

Oh my gosh! I've been using the nets incorrectly! All it took was tucking the net into the bottom of cone--I haven't been doing that. Made all the difference. Thanks for directing me to the video, and thanks for your help with this.

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By: Bob Purcell